MDLNY's Ryan Serhant Spends Millions on Dream Home Renovation to Fit his Big Greek Family

ryan serhant

Million Dollar Listing New York’s real estate tycoon, Ryan Serhant is set to star in his own spinoff series.

Called ‘Ryan’s Renovation’, the four-episode limited Bravo series captures the renovation of his $8 million, 7,900 square foot Brooklyn brownstone, as he makes it large enough to house all of his Greek in-laws.

Serhant, his Greek wife Emilia Bechrakis Serhant and their two-year-old daughter Zena are eager to move into their new dream home, but first need to make sure that it’s suited to the needs of Emilia’s large Mediterranean family – and ready for all their drama.

"I have no idea what kind of s--tshow I might be walking into," admits Ryan in Bravo’s first trailer which provides a sneak peak into what the series has in store for viewers.

"My whole life gets flipped upside down this entire season," Ryan exclusively told E! News.

"We bought our house three years ago not knowing it would take three years to renovate.”

Despite gutting the entire luxury townhouse in the multi-million dollar, three-year long renovation, Ryan is anxious about what his Greek father in law’s opinion of the results will be.

"What do we do if your dad doesn't like this house? I'm kind of nervous to show it to him," Ryan confesses to Emilia.

"Your dad is a little scary."


Perhaps Ryan’s apprehension is justified as Emilia’s father is adamant upon inspection;

“The living room is too small. That is my opinion.”


The couple decided to convert one level of the five-story property into a suite for Emilia's mother.

“I’ll take the room upstairs. Thank you. Good bye,” Emilia’s mum informs them, leaving no room for negotiation.

But that only leads to the rest of Emilia's family, included their father, sister, brother and their families wanting to move in as well, bringing with them their very loud, strong and varied opinions.


“I’m going to be at your place all the time,” Emilia’s sister tells her.

In an attempt to alleviate any reservations that his in-laws may have about the home, Ryan is prepared to try anything.


"I'm warding off evil Greek spirits by putting garlic in the walls," explain Ryan in one episode, as he inserts bulbs of garlic into the wall cavities prior to plastering, in keeping with the age-all Greek superstition that garlic has the power to keep evil away.

"Don't mess with the Greeks," Emilia is heard to say as an Orthodox priest blesses the house, as per the ancient tradition of the Orthodox church.

SerhantAfter all of the commotion and effort taken to get the home ‘just right’, Ryan receives a surprise $15 million offer from a prospective buyer. 

Will he be tempted to sell?  You will have to tune in to find out.

‘Million Dollar Listing: Ryan's Renovation’ premieres Thursday, June 3 at 10:15 p.m. on Bravo.

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