Greek unemployment rate at 16% in January

greek unemployment

The Greek unemployment rate eased to 16% of the workforce in January this year, from 16.4%in January 2020, but up from 15.6% in December 2020, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Monday.

More specifically, the number of unemployed people totaled 714,809 in the first month of 2021, down 7.4% from January 2020.

The number of employed people totaled 3,760,313, down 4.1% on a year-on-year basis and down 3.1% compared with December 2020.

People not seeking jobs totaled 3,401,682, up 188,842 compared with January 2020 and up 3.6% from December 2020.

The unemployment rate among women was 19.8%, while among men it was 13.1%.

Among the age groups, the 15-24 age group recorded the highest unemployment rate (43.4% in January from 31.9% in January 2020) and the 25-74 age group recorded an unemployment rate of 14.5%, down from 15.5% in January last year.

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