Greek foreign ministry expresses full solidarity and support to Spain

Ceuta Greek

Greece expresses its full solidarity and support to Spain, which has been facing massive arrivals of migrants from third countries over the last days, as a frontline country in dealing with migration and refugees, a foreign ministry announcement said.

“As the Greek side has repeatedly stressed, the external borders of the EU member-states are European borders,” the announcement said.

“Dealing with the migrant-refugee issue is not a challenge only for the frontline countries,” the statement continued, adding: “It is a challenge for all the EU member-states. We call on the EU to offer its support to Spain in dealing with the situation.”

The foreign ministry also stressed the need to conclude the negotiations on the Asylum and Migration Pact, on the basis of a balanced approach to the responsibility of the member-states at the external borders of the EU and the solidarity that the other member states must actively show.

“Finally, it is emphasised once again that migration should not be instrumentalised in order to achieve political ends,” the Greek Foreign Ministry’s announcement concluded.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday spoke on the phone with the Foreign Minister of Spain Aranch Gonzalez Laya.

Their discussion focused on the regional developments and the migration issue, said a foreign ministry post on Twitter.

The Spanish prime minister flew into Ceuta, vowing to “restore order” in the North African enclave after a record 8,000 migrants reached its beaches from Morocco.

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