BREAKING: Israel refuses Egypt-proposed ceasefire after Hamas accepts it

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Contrary to reports tonight, there is no deal and no commitments on the part of Israel regarding a ceasefire with Hamas, an Israeli official said.

Israeli media reported earlier that an Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire was accepted by Hamas.

According to N12, the Egyptian-proposed ceasefire was due to start on Thursday at 6:00 am local time. 

Egypt has been one of the leading countries working towards a ceasefire to end the conflict between the Israeli military and Hamas that has left Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the middle.

At a time when Turkey is attempting to organise a coalition of states to occupy Jerusalem, Egypt successfully managed to make Hamas agree to a ceasefire.

This ceasefire proposal follows the visit of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to Israel and the Palestinian territories today.

During his visit, he called for an of escalations and the establishment of a two state solution.

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