Pontic Greek woman speaking in Romeika (VIDEO)

Pontic Pontian Greek

Pontic Greek, also known as Romeika, is a dialect of the Greek language that is largely derived, like almost all the other modern Greek dialects, from the Koine (common) Greek of Hellenistic and Roman times (4th century BC - 4th century AD), Pontos World explained.

It probably began to become markedly distinct from the rest of the modern Greek dialects after the Seljuk invasions of Asia Minor [in the 11th century AD], which split Pontus from the other regions of the Byzantine Empire.

However, some older features of the Greek language that disappeared from other Greek dialects were retained in Pontic, while some innovations seem to have taken place in Pontic under the influence of other Greek dialects even after the medieval period.

The woman in the video says that her language is her roots, her past, her present, and her future.


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