Why Turkish fishing boats caused alarm in Greece

fishing boats

Two different incidents involving Turkish fishing boats mobilized the Coast Guard today.

Initially, 12 Turkish fishing boats that had sailed from Turkish ports opposite Cyprus to the western Mediterranean moved south of Rhodes, south of Kastellorizo ​​and south of Crete.

However, yesterday they found themselves stuck in adverse weather conditions.

Five Turkish boats continued their voyage to the western Mediterranean and the remaining seven sought refuge between Gavdos and Gavdopoulas.

The other seven Turkish boats asked permission from Souda port authorities to arrive safely in the harbour.

At the same time, the port authorities were alerted when a fleet of 15 Turkish boats was found on the radar sailing in Greek territorial waters in the Cyclades.

An inspection revealed that the vessels were dragging fish cages for fish farming in Malta.

As sources told Proto Thema, in the context of safe passage, it is customary for boats to pass through Greek waters, but what caused concern was the large number of fishing boats.

“At first we thought something was happening, it looked like a… landing,” said Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy sources, adding: “Obviously they all sailed off the Turkish coast, something that is not usual.”

The Turkish fishing fleet is currently sailing south of Methoni to Malta.

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