GCT Talks to Zach Schleien, Founder of Filter Off: "The 'Swiping Generation' has led to anxiety and depression"

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Dating is difficult in general, but throw in a pandemic and nationwide lockdowns, and it's safe to say it can become nearly impossible to meet anyone, let alone find a soulmate! Covid has really taken its toll on people's love lives and mental health.

As public life returns to normal, experts caution there may be a PTSD-like lingering effect for some people.

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Many people have lost a loved one or lived through extended isolation that has exacerbated underlying mental health issues.

Single people are experiencing more social anxiety than ever, with the pandemic requiring people to discover new ways of interacting with each other.

New York-based entrepreneur Zach Schleien says that the 'Swiping Generation' has lead to much anxiety and depression amongst young people. And he's not wrong!

Zac Filter Off

A new study that came out last year from Western Sydney University shows that swipe-based dating apps lead to poor mental health.

Through his own frustrations in the modern dating scene, Zach built a dating app that got rid of the dreaded swiping feature. This app is called Filter Off and it is the world’s first video dating app.

It focuses on 'Community' and developing genuine human interaction through virtual speed dating. The name of this app gives a lot away, but we'll divulge further into what makes Filter Off unique.

Filter Off launched in February of 2020 (ironically just before Covid hit us) and it is a unique video-based dating app that helps conversations move forward, and there is certainly no hiding behind a screen or room for edited selfies or catfishing because it keeps keep authenticity intact.

That's the beauty of this dating App, well apart from the fact that it has helped facilitate four marriages and six engagements to date! The first couple got married within only six months of dating! Read the incredible story here.

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But how does Filter Off work?

  1. First, you need to sign up for one of Filter Off's date night events, based on your location or interests. Filter Off then schedules five+ video dates for that evening.
  2. You have just a few minutes to connect live on video. This is the challenge ladies! Have a glass of wine and take your time getting ready.
  3. After the date, you get to decide whether to pass or continue chatting over text/video. Sounds great yeah. We think so!

Filter Off makes sure you're safe with their report feature so there's no silly business and no catfishing. Yep, been there done that!

You get to meet real people, start going on real dates, and just maybe find that special someone!

Filter Off

In an exclusive interview with Greek City Times, Zach Schleien, Founder of Filter Off chats to Lifestyle Journalist Despina Karp virtually about all things online dating and mental health.

Some of the topics covered in the interview:

  • Zach spoke about how 'Filter Off' stands out from other dating apps in the market such as Bumble, Tinder, Grindr and the myriads of other dating apps out there.
  • He also spoke about how Greek people are using Filter Off with great success!
  • How Covid has affected the dating world as a whole
  • If Zach has found love himself on Filter Off
  • If Filter Off has created any marriages
  • Whether Online Dating is Hit or Miss
  • If Covid has changed the way we interact with each other as humans
  • If Millennials are too picky when it comes to finding love
  • Why compromise is so important in long-distance relationships
  • How to tell a loved one that you have anxiety
  • The story of Filter Off's first marriage
  • Why texting back and forth is not the best way of communicating

Watch below:

Filter Off is free and can be downloaded from:

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Happy Video Chatting!

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