More than 23,000 COVID-19 cases detected through self-tests

self-test covid-19

The Deputy Minister of Digital Government, Georgios Georgantas, spoke about the course of the vaccination and the framework for preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

As he told ANT1 on Monday, "all employees in the public and private sector, including the owners of sole proprietors, eg the owner of a butcher shop and all those who have a dependent employment relationship with a company, must make a self-test every week."

He clarified that until May 29, two COVID-19 self-tests must be obtained free of charge from pharmacies (note: one for the current and one for next week), as on weekends for practical reasons they are not distributed by pharmacies.

As Georgantas said, "after the test, the employee in the private sector and the employee in the public sector must declare the result on the appropriate platform."

According to the Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, from all the self tests that took place on April 7, when the measure of self tests began, 23,300 confirmed cases have emerged that were later confirmed by molecular testing.

Regarding the reports about a security gap in, Georgantas expressed his question about the reports and claimed that there is no "security hole."

Each document generates a code, which only the recipient knows and no one else.

"Everything is in accordance with Greek and European legislation and always in agreement with the competent authorities," he said.

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