Florina court halts wind farm construction at Nymfaio

wind farms

A court in Florina, northern Greece, ruled the temporary suspension of all construction works for a wind farm at Nymfaio, following a request by two environmental organisations and local residents, it was reported on Monday.

Machinery found 1 km before the entrance to the construction site at Aetorachi, Nymfaio, will have to be removed, the court added.

The suspension was requested by both the Environmental Organization for Wildlife & Nature "Callisto" and the "Arctouros" environmental organization, over the project's impact on regional wildlife.

The two organizations said the wind farm's environmental impact assessment dates to 2018 and needs to be updated.

Arcturos runs a wildlife protection center and bear sanctuary at Nymfaio, south of Florina city, and Callisto coordinates regional actions from its headquarters in Thessaloniki.

The latter is also supervising the National Action Plan for the Bear, as per the LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project for the rescue of wildlife and bears in the Pindos mountain region.

A similar request to halt the wind farm project had also been submitted by two associations of local residents and also by the nearby Amynteo municipality, west of Nymfaio.

The case will be further examined by a court on June 3, it was added.

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