Greece's Never Before Seen Green Screen Magic at Eurovision 2021

Eurovision Stefania green screen

Stefania Lebrakakis wowed viewers with some "amazing green screen magic never before seen" on the Eurovision stage in her performance of 'Last Dance' at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest.

The 18 year old songstress who represented Greece has created a stir over Twitter, as users noted the stark difference between what was seen by the limited live audience at the actual final performance compared to what viewers of the live video could see.

Greece used the green screen effectively, to erase the bodies of Stefania's dancers to create the illusion on video that she is dancing with four empty white suits rather than with four dancers.

Later during the act Stefania climbs up a green screened staircase in her purple rhinestoned catsuit with elbow length gloves amidst a background of skyscrapers.

Despite a couple of minor green screen mishaps during rehearsal - such as the dancers' shadows being visible at one time and Stefania's middle section disappearing at another point - Greece managed to nail the final performance, with Stefania jubilantly finishing The Eurovision Song Contest in tenth place.

Some Twitter users thought to share the reality experienced by those present at the performance that viewers of the video were missing out on.

Whilst others sought to illustrate the scenario in a more comedic fashion.

Greece has participated in The Eurovision Song Contest 40 times since its inception in 1974.

Greece's first win came in 2005 with Helena Paparizou singing 'My Number One.'

The Greek national broadcaster, Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi (ERT) broadcasts the event and organises the selection of the Greek entry each year.

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