‘Your Mother’s Pension’ comedy in Sydney

'My Mother’s Pension’ comedy in Sydney

‘Your Mother’s Pension’ (Της Μάνας Σου Η Σύνταξη) is being billed by theatre goers as “one of the best theatrical comedies to hit Sydney in many years.”

People are even attending a second and even third time.

This is community theatre at its best and a great reflection of traditional Greek culture in theatre which also caters to non-Greek speaking audiences via excellent English subtitles.

'My Mother’s Pension’ comedy in Sydney

“Wow wow wow! The group at Dionysus Theatre Company bypass expectations with each production & this comedic showcase was no exception! Our cheeks are still sore from the laughs! Definitely recommend!” ULTIM8 Dance exclaimed.

Two weekends left. Don’t miss seeing ‘My Mother’s Pension’.

“The non stop laughter, that this beautiful family of actors have put together, is an absolute comedic masterpiece, and definitely a play not to be missed!” Toula Mavrick commented.

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