Macron more popular in Greece than France: How do Greeks view Biden, Putin, Xi and Merkel?

Emmanuel Macron

A poll by Metron Analysis and MEGA found that French President Emmanuel Macron is the most popular world leader in Greece.

With 79% of Greeks endorsing the French President, it makes him more popular in Greece than in France itself.

The last poll by Harris Interactive, with data collected on April 27-29, found that Macron had an approval rating of 46% among the French when polled against Jean Castex.

Closely behind Macron is U.S. President Joe Biden, with a 75% approval among Greeks.

This is in stark contrast to the end of the Barack Obama administration in 2016 when favourable views of the U.S. amongst Greeks was only 38%, and at 36% in 2018, according to Pew Research.

Traditionally, the U.S. has pursued anti-Greek policies in favour of Turkey, including U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger blessing the Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974.

However, the later years of the Trump administration, particularly through U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and then continued by the Biden administration, has strengthened relations with Greece.

In only a few months of the Biden administration, military cooperation with Greece has consolidated, and Washington is no longer ignoring Turkish aggression and human rights abuses.

When it comes to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is recalled that a 2017 Pew poll found that 64% of Greeks view Russia favorably versus 31% expressing a negative opinion, and 50% of Greeks had confidence in Putin when it came to international affairs.

According to Metron Analysis and MEGA, Putin today has an approval rating of 53% amongst Greeks.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping scored 30% and unsurprisingly German Chancellor Angela Merkel scored only 23% for her unrelenting defence of Turkish aggression and provocations against Greece.

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