George Perris releases his new song "Disobey"

George Perris releases his new song "Disobey"
George Perris releases his new song "Disobey"
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"I’m gonna live my life. I’ll dance the way I like it..."

George Perris has released his highly anticipated song "Disobey".

The Greek-French vocal sensation collaborated with Moh Denebi and Mark Caplice to create an inspiration single that has received endless positive reviews.

"Sometimes a guy just wants to have fun..! For those of you who have struggled, who have been bullied, abused or not believed in yourself for all sorts of reasons... this one’s for you!" the musician said.

"'Disobey ' will surely become the soundtrack of our carefree moments that we so desperately need," he added.

Disobey lyrics

There’s a chain on my mind
But when I try
I can’t shake it
I wore it all my life
It just dont feel right

Don’t wanna be a slave
To be afraid
I cant take it
I’m standing out of line
As I walk away

I’m gonna live my life
I’ll dance the way I like it
I’m standing out of line
No more chains and more lies
I’ll be a butterfly
Changing shape the wayI like it
All I hear in my mind
Is the voice I try to hide
Let me hear you say
Now it’s time to disobey

You’re the picture
but you never knew
You could change it
Yeah it’s the frame you choose
Draw what you like

Don’t try to be the same
Just embrace that you’re different
I’m standing out of line
Let’s just walk away

Everyone follows someone
But who says that they’re not lost
Why don’t you follow your heart
So you can say

Who is George Perris?

George Perris is Greece’s leading international singer of his generation. He is multilingual and has released albums in Greek, English and French.

An accomplished artist who went from regional stardom to international fame, George Perris spent his formative years in his native Greece before reaching international audiences.

Perris has performed at some of the most prestigious concert halls around the world including Lincoln Center, New York; Symphony Hall, Boston; Le Zenith, Paris; Place des Arts, Montreal; Herod Atticus Theatre, Athens; Kurucesme Arena, Istanbul and has collaborated with acclaimed international artists including Michel Legrand, Lara Fabian, Tina Arena, Mario Frangoulis, Lucio Dalla and Justin Hayward.

In September 2020, George Perris performed a historic show: he became the first singer in Greek history to perform a concert inside the more than 2500 years old Ancient Temple of Aphaea on the island of Aegina in Greece. The performance, which took place under the hospices  of the Greek National Tourism  Organization, was filmed and will be broadcast in various countries around the world in 2021.

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