North Macedonia waives tolls for Serbs heading to Greece

toll booth north macedonia

The Republic of North Macedonia will allow toll-free passage to citizens of Serbia crossing the country for holidays in Greece, as a gesture of gratitude for help with the COVID-19 vaccines.

From June 15 to August 15, Serbian tourists heading to Greece will receive free e-cards for tolls when driving through the country.

North Macedonia will issue 200,000 e-cards, valid for a return trip as well, a savings of nearly 13 euros each way.

The gesture recognizes Serbia's role in providing North Macedonia with nearly 50,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, while another 150,000 citizens of North Macedonia were able to get vaccinated in Serbia for free.

The government of Zoran Zaev has publicly expressed its gratitude for the vaccinations, during a time when it could not acquire vaccines anywhere.

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