The Greek ambassador to Russia was vaccinated with Sputnik V

Sputnik V vaccine. Greek

The Greek ambassador to Russia announced that she was vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against COVID-19, Sputnik V.

"Of course, I got Sputnik V here in Moscow," said Ekaterini Nassika, when answering a question from journalists.

It is noted that Sputnik V is the first vaccine to be registered worldwide against COVID-19 and has received the "green light" from dozens of countries around the world.

The effectiveness of the vaccine stands at 97.6% , based on the latest data analysis, and is clearly higher than the 91.6% shown in an interim analysis published in the scientific journal The Lancet in February.

The Greek ambassador also noted that she expects "from day to day" the decision on resumption of flights between Russia and Greece.

"The Russian side must open its skies to us so that flights can be organized from Greece and Russian tourists can fly to Greece with these flights," Nassika said.

The Greek ambassador spoke of "advanced talks" between the two sides on the issue and described Russian tourists as "good travelers" who "know a lot about the ancient heritage, the ancient culture" and "will discover even more when they go to Greece."

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