“The Greek of ’21 in Philhellenic Art” exhibition in Athens

"The Greek of '21 in Philhellenic Art" exhibition in Athens

"The Greek of '21 in Philhellenic Art" exhibition in Athens

The huge contribution women played in the Greek War of Independence, is reflected in the selection of 100 paintings, porcelain objects and watches of the 19th century, on display at the exhibition entitled “The Greek of ’21 in Philhellenic Art.”

The exhibit at the Vassilis and Marina Theocharakis Foundation, was inaugurated by Greece’s Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni on Wednesday.

“It is very important that on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution, today one can visit all the museums of the capital, because they all host very important exhibitions, which come to complement each other. And it is a great opportunity for all of us and especially for the younger ones, through the exhibitions, to realise what happened before 1821, during the Revolution and after. I think this is a very big profit, which we must not leave unexploited. Through these exhibitions, it is an opportunity for all of us, young and old, to realise that the Revolution of ’21 was not a broken phenomenon, which was suddenly created under the specific conditions in Greece. The Revolution of ’21 was in a general spirit of freedom, independence,” Mendoni said.

"The Greek of '21 in Philhellenic Art" exhibition in Athens

“The Greek of ’21 in Philhellenic Art” is curated by art historian Dr Fani-Maria Tsigakou, and will be on display until October 31.

In closing, Mendoni thanked everyone who contributed to the project: “We are truly grateful to the collectors who share their treasures with us. Because their collection essentially stores the historical memory of the participation of Greek women in the Revolution of 1821.”

“It would be really interesting if the collection had a permanent, safe roof open to the public. This collection – and the corresponding ones that exist – is a cultural journey in the history of Modern Greece that the survivors should know. Through Greek art we recognise the profound influence of Ancient and Modern Greece on Modern European culture,” the minister continued.

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