Wild Fires erupt in west Fthiotida, Corinthia (update)

Wild Fires erupt in west Fthiotida, Corinthia (update) 1

Two separate wildfires were raging in the regions of Fthiotida, Central Greece, and Corinthia, in the Peloponnese, on Friday afternoon, the fire department said.

The first blaze was dispersed in and around the Lamia-Karpenisi highway, after the town of Makrakomi, in the western part of the Phthiotis regional unit.

Local media reported that the flare up started when animal food loaded on a tractor caught fire. Flames from the vehicle spread to olive and pine trees along the side of the road.

Dozens of power lines have been burned along the highway and traffic has been halted, according to state-run news agency ANA-MPA. 

Thirty fire fighters with 11 vehicles, two aircraft and a helicopter were trying to put out the numerous outbreaks.

The second blaze was near the coastal village of Loutra Elenis, about 10 km southeast of Corinth. Authorities said the flames were on the side of the old Corinth-Epidaurus national highway and currently far from any structures

A force of 35 firefighters with 13 vehicles, three aircraft and one helicopter are battling the blaze


The forest fire that broke out in the Kalamaki area near the old Corinth-Epidaurus National Road in the Corinthia region earlier on Friday is contained, said the Fire Brigade on Friday evening.

Residents of homes closest to the fire had been asked to evacuate their residences as a precaution, but no property damages has been reported even though flames did brush through some homes’ exterior areas, the Fire Brigade said.

A total of 35 firefighters with 13 vehicles, and a mountaineer’s group and 3 aircraft with a helicopter, have been working to put out the blaze, which is not in danger of going out of control. Some of the firefighters were expected to leave by nightfall.

Meanwhile, firefighters have managed to contain a forest fire at the Vitoli area west of Makrakomi, Fthiotis, especially after winds subsided in the area.

Most of the scattered fire pockets within a 10 km radius have been dealt with effectively, said the Fire Brigade, with few burning. Eleven fire engines and 30 firefighters were operating in the area, helped by two water-dowsing aircraft and one helicopter.