Yeni Akit: Greece places "sound weapons" on Greek-Turkish border


An article in the Yeni Akit newspaper refers to the use of sound security systems at the Greek-Turkish border to prevent an attempted new mass entry of illegal immigrants into Greece.

"Greece installs deafening security system on its border with Turkey" is the title of the article, which also mentions other projects built in the region in order to act as a deterrent.

"Greece has accelerated the construction of a steel fence 26.5 kilometers long and 4.5 meters high in the area of ​​Feres at a cost of 63 million euros.

"The goal is to have the work completed by the end of the year (…)

"In addition to eleven modern European Union-funded radars and cameras, two LRAD (Long Range Acoustic) portable devices have been purchased that can even cause deafness.

"Data received from radar and cameras have a monitoring range of up to 15 km in real time."

Specifically for the sound security system, the newspaper note that "the sound waves from the LRAD device can spread up to 2 kilometers and can cause confusion and panic among the masses.

"If the decibel is kept high in the sound waves emanating from the LRAD devices, it can even cause permanent deafness."

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