Experience ‘living a legendary life’ at Noah’s in Athens

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens

An idyllic green oasis in the centre of Athens, ‘Noah‘ is a popular spring and summer hangout.

Upon entering the restaurant, you realise how special and unique ‘Noah’ is.

At the entrance is a large sculpture which says ‘I love you’ in sign language.

“Everything starts from love, and that’s what our signature hand sculpture represents… it stands in our entrance to remind you to leave all your problems at our door and get ready to release your feelings and create new unique memories,” the website says.

It is surrounded by large trees, flowery gardens and of course comfortable chairs and tables.

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens
*Toasted sourdough with salmon

At Noah, you can enjoy brunch, food, coffee, and cocktails.

Some of the menu items include:

  • ‘Noah’ Savoury super bowl: Oats, egg, avocado, tomato cherries, edamame beans, corn, cucumber, spring onion, chilli, lime, yogurt sauce with wasabi, cashews
  • Anatoli: Beef mince, pomegranate, hummus, smoked cheese
  • Beef Fillet Tataki style: Beef tataki, butter sauce with miso, wild greens, handmade pitta, zaatar
  • Tikka Masala Chicken Burger: Tandoori chicken, harissa, cucumber, smoked yogurt cheese cream, cilantro, mango
  • Shrimp Tortelloni: Handmade shrimp tortelloni, green curry, ikura, summer veggies
  • Crispy Pavlova: Meringue, red fruits compote, lemon curd, mango sorbet
  • Noah Mosaic: Mosaic, namelaka coffee, caramelised pecan

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens
*Tikka Masala Chicken Burger

“One fact about us is that we are food addicts, with our menu to showcase our constant exploration for new flavours, in order to bring them to you. With our dishes we are targeting your memories and our aim is to awake every single one of them even if it’s from your childhood, your home, or hidden ones. Everything comes to the surface and that is what it makes NOAH’s food experience unforgettable,” the website continues.

Experience 'living a legendary life' at Noah's in Athens
*Shrimp Tortelloni

Hidden just a few meters from Megaro Mousikis Station, you will forget you are in the centre of Athens.

“For Greeks, it is much deeper than that. It’s not just ‘the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors.’ We at NOAH want to share the experience of living a legendary life, through feelings, food, and music. We’re a place for you to tell your story and create extraordinary memories.”

  • Address: Ευζώνων Πάρκο Ελευθερίας Μέγαρο Μουσικής, Athina 115 21, Greece
  • Menu: noahlife.gr