PM Mitsotakis visits Astypalea, tours island's town


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a visit to the Aegean island of Astypalea on Wednesday, went on a tour of the island's main town and its historic windmills, which have been declared a heritage site.

Mitsotakis was visiting Astypalea on the occasion of an investment on the island by the Volkswagen Group, which aims to turn Astypalea into the first "green and smart" island of the Mediterranean.

The Prime Minister initially visited a traditional bakery and afterwards, accompanied by the island's mayor Nikos Komnineas, he toured the area of the historic Castle, visited the famous windmills and talked with islanders that gathered to welcome him.

Later, he visited the multipurpose regional clinic of Astypalea to thank the staff for their valuable services and congratulated them for the island's vaccination drive:

"We did extremely well, I saw that over 70% of the population has been vaccinated," he said, adding: "Please make an effort to persuade the remaining few that have not been vaccinated yet."

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