2021 LA Greek Film Festival Announces Winners

Orpheus Awards LAGFF 2014 Christos Vasilopoulos

The 2021 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) took place this May, mostly virtually due to the pandemic. The ceremony’s Orpheus Awards winners announced on Memorial Day Weekend.

2021 LAGFF Orpheus Award Top Winners

The top prize for the best feature film was “Pari”, directed by Siamak Etemadi, an Iranian filmmaker living in Greece. The story follows an Iranian mother who goes to Athens to visit her student son Babak, only to realize he is missing.

Pari, the titular mother of the movie, searches the underground world of Athens to discover what might have happened. Though “Pari” focuses on one family’s harrowing story, it also comments on the difficulties Pari encounters navigating an unfamiliar, and at times chaotic, city.

Melika Foroutan, who plays the Iranian mother of the film, won the Special Jury Award for Best Performance.

The 2021 LAGFF Best Documentary Award went to “Being Present”, known as “Parontes” in Greek, directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos. The documentary is exceptionally relevant to modern times, as it seeks to understand the impact of the COVID public health crisis on an already stressed Greek economy and public sector.

Other 2021 LAGFF Orpheus Award winners include Nikolas Kisker from “Daniel ’16” and Janis Rafa as Best Director for “Kala Azar”.

The festival’s Special Jury Award went to “Passage to Europe” by Dimitra Kouzi. The poignant film takes a long hard look at immigration to Europe, and specifically Greece. Best Short Film went to “Iskioma” by Kostas Gerampinis.

Animation: A Brand New Category

For the first time in its history, the 2021 LAGFF featured an “Animation” category. Two films were honoured as first-time animations winners. The Best Animation award went to “Parrot Lady” by Michalis Kalopaidis. The Special Jury Award for Animation went to “Lazy Dragon” by Fokion Xenos and Joan Zhonga.

Festival Director Aris Katopodis was incredibly impressed with the wide selection of high-quality films from Greek filmmakers worldwide in 2021. He emphasized that the jury’s job was more challenging but also more enjoyable due to these circumstances. As Katopodis put it, “a lot more films, a lot more fun, a lot more to experience.”

LAGFF After the Pandemic

The 2020 LAGFF was delayed and also eventually held virtually in October of 2020. Next year, the festival’s organizers expect that the LAGFF will be held in person again. The festival hosted at Hollywood’s famous Egyptian Theatre but not this year.

However, Katopodis emphasized that viewership for LAGFF’s online festival this year hit record numbers. In the future, the organizers are not eliminating a virtual component.

If the 2022 LAGFF is held at least partly online, Greek film fans from around the US will view the movies from wherever they are in the world.

Many of the 2021 LAGFF films will soon be available on online and other streaming platforms.