Municipality of Athens 'transforms' 20 fountains

Municipality of Athens 'transforms' 20 fountains

Municipality of Athens 'transforms' 20 fountains

Fountains are an oasis of coolness for Athens and a pole of attraction for both locals and visitors.

Not to mention, they are inextricably linked to the city's history and culture.

Recently, the Municipality of Athens 'transformed' 20 fountains in the Greek capital and surrounding neighbourhoods.

They were in a state of complete abandonment, as many of them had stopped operating or were in a very bad condition.

The municipality's aim is to revive their glory and “make them part of the city’s decor as well as part of the everyday life of residents and visitors that walk, play and live in parks and squares."

Some of the revamped fountains are located at the squares of: Metaxourgeio, Rigillis, Messologiou, Attikis, Agios Nikolaos, Fokionos Negri, Patision and Egiptou.

The revamp project foresees the cleanup, repair and restoration of 34 fountains in Athens.

The restorations also involve the fountains’ drainage and lighting systems, waterproof surface and marble restorations.

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