39 year old Vassilis Spanoulis returns to Greek National basketball Team to assist Greece Olympics aspirations

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Vassilis Spanoulis announced on Monday his return to Greek National Team after a six-year break, raising hopes that Greek basketball would qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Even though Spanoulis, nicknamed Kill Bill, is now 39-years-old, Greeks believe that his skill and experience can make a massive difference in the qualifying round for the Olympics.

Greece needs to survive Canada and China in a qualifying tournament starting on June 29 to qualify for the Olympics. If they succeed the next up France, Iran and the U.S.A in Tokyo.

“I never thought or imagined that I would be here again six years later. I have rested and I am strong. Mr Pitino [Greece’s head coach] has shown he has confidence and respect for me and I thank him very much. I am ready together with the other players to help the effort of the National team and to achieve the highest honor for an athlete, which is participating in the Olympic Games,” Spanoulis said.

Spanoulis joined the rest of the Greek basketball team for training on Tuesday.