Belarusian airlines banned from Greek Airspace

Cyprus closes its airspace to Belarusian planes

Effective immediately air companies based from Belarus cannot fly over the airspace of Greece or land at any Greek airports, was just announced by NOTAM by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority.

As part of the implementation of the sanctions decided by the Minsk Summit for the recent incident involving the Ryanair flight on the route Athens - Vilnius , the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announces to the passenger public air directive according to which it is provided:

(a) a ban on Belarusian airlines flying over Greek airspace and landing at Greek airports; and

b) Greek airlines are instructed to avoid the Minsk (Belarus) FIR for their flights.

The NOTAM, which is already in force and lasts until July 5, 2021, follows the decision of the European Union to ban on Belarusian airlines flying in EU airspace or landing at its airports. Any airlines of the European Union are recommended to avoid the airspace of Belarus.


The Aviation Directive does not apply in case of forced landing or forced air transit and in case the landing / take-off or air transit is necessary for humanitarian purposes.