Gerakas: The Greek fjord of Laconia, a popular destination for photographers from around the world

Gerakas fjord

Laconia, on the southeastern side of the Peloponnese peninsula, is known amongst Greeks and tourists for being a magical place, with beautiful landscapes and surprises in its every corner.

From the magical castle city of Monemvasia to the picturesque, stone settlements of Mani and the wildly imposing Cape Tenaro (also known as Cape Matapan), there are so many different towns and villages to visit in this in this prefecture of southern Greece.

Gerakas fjord

A place, however, that is mostly unknown to the general public is Gerakas, which is located on the east coast of the Peloponnese, and enchants visitors with its incomparable and rare beauty that reminds of northern European countries, such Norway and Finland.

In fact, the area of Gerakas, its three small villages (Limani, Agios Ioannis and Gerakas) and the sea that engulfs the coast create the southernmost natural fjord in Europe, which located only 22 km away from Monemvasia.

The small, medieval houses perched on the slopes of the fjord and surrounded by green hills, bring to life a majestic landscape that has become a ‘must-visit’ destination for photographers from around the world, who capture photos with their cameras or with drones.

During the Byzantine years, Gerakas was called "Hierax" (Ιέραξ) and was the main naval station of the Byzantines for their battle against the Saracens. Also, the port of Gerakas has been mentioned in the works of the ancient Greek geographer and historian Pausanias, while it also served as an important anchorage for merchants from the islands of Spetses and Hydra.

This stunning fjord village is also unique for the architecture of many of its buildings, especially its taverns, that can be found near its sheltered harbour, as they bring to mind images from the Aegean islands with whitewashed walls, stained glass windows and red tiled roofs, and all compose a landscape that looks like a piece of art.

Gerakas fjordGerakas fjordGerakas fjordGerakas fjordGerakas fjordGerakas fjord

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