Pfizer: Thessaloniki is part of our digital transformation strategy


Pfizer has embarked on a digital transformation journey to strengthen its digital foundation, implement a new operating model, and drive innovative, digital solutions to achieve our mission of breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

This digital transformation has been years in the making and has accelerated over the last two years, and even more so in the last year, as a result of the pandemic, said Pfizer Digital Senior vice president Jeff Hamilton.

“Our Global Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki, although launched only a year ago, is already playing a key role in implementing our Digital strategy and delivering patient-centric digital solutions.

“It is now a key component of our global digital operating model.

“We have already hired more than 250 highly qualified colleagues and expect to go over the milestone of 300 by the end of this year.

“We are very satisfied with the talent that we’ve been able to attract in just over one year and I can say all our colleagues in the Center for Digital Innovation in Thessaloniki, driven by Nico Gariboldi, are already making meaningful contributions to the company and our patients.


“Colleagues in the Center are working on innovative digital projects, in collaboration to colleagues across the world, as part of the corporate digital strategy.

“This includes digitizing drug discovery and development, enhancing health outcomes and patient experience, digital tools for making our work faster and easier, AI and advanced analytics.

“The Center for Digital Innovation is also making an important impact both locally and nationally at three different levels:

“Firstly, there is a direct impact, as this great investment is creating new job opportunities in a dynamic key sector for the economy.

“Secondly, there is an indirect impact, as we are building an ecosystem of partnerships with local players around the CDI, including start-ups, academic and research institutions and the healthcare system.

“This way we create positive spillover effects and additional opportunities throughout the wider economy.

“Finally, investments such as Pfizer’s help place Greece back on the investment map, particularly for investments in the critical technology sector, by sending a positive message to the global investment community that Greece is a country with strong talent and sound economic prospects,” Hamilton said.

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