Trapped Dama-Dama deer in Rhodes freed from nets

dama-dama deer rhodes

A Dama-Dama deer was trapped in plastic netting on a farm in the Mesanagros area of southern Rhodes.

Resident saw it and alerted forest rangers of the Dodecanese Forest Directorate, Proto Thema reported.

Plato, as the locals call the deer, would have died of hunger or thirst as it was immobilized in the nets without being able to free itself.

The rangers managed to free him within a few minutes without being injured.

dama-dama deer rhodes

They let Plato free in his natural environment.

Every year in the early summer, many stags are trapped in plastic fencing nets or barbed wire, most of them with horns.

For this reason, the officials of the Forest Service recommend not to use nets for the fencing of farms, however their cheap cost makes their use more widespread.

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