The magical beach with orange sand in Kefalonia

The magical beach with orange sand in Kefalonia
Credit: @kefaloniauniqueholidays

Myrtos may be the most famous beach in Kefalonia, however there is another beach, unknown, which also impresses and surprises.

Do you know which beach we are talking about?

Eight kilometres from Lixouri, the second largest village of Kefalonia, you will find Xi.

This beach immediately stands out with its special, natural beauty and orange/red sand.

Not to mention its unique name. This beach took its name from the shape of two rocks inside the sea that form the Greek letter ‘Ξ’ (pronounced Xi) with the shore.

The magical beach with orange sand in Kefalonia
Credit: @kefaloniauniqueholidays

In 2016, Xi Beach was listed as one of the ‘World’s Strangest Beaches’ by Travel + Leisure. “Xi Beach is an interesting study in color contrast: stark white clay cliffs, red sandy shore, and jaunty umbrellas. This is a popular retreat for summer sun-worshippers, especially in the wake of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which was filmed on the island.”

This beach is ideal for both photography enthusiasts and sunbathes.

A unique and magical summer in Greece

As we all know, every inch of Greece is unique, magical and spectacular, especially over summer!

Every day feels like a like a non-stop celebration of life, love, food, sea, sun and good times.

One thing is for sure, nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to a Greek Summer!

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