Overnight curfew shortened by one hour

curfew Athens Acropolis Parthenon night

This week the government announced the lifting  or easing of several restrictions which had been imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic over the past few months, including the current curfew.

As of 06:00 on Saturday, the current overnight curfew is shortened by one hour; it will begin one hour later at 01:30 until 05:00. On July 1 the measure will end, if epidemiological data allows for it.

On the same day as the curfew easing, music at outdoor cafes and restaurants is permitted anew, while cafes and restaurants at well-ventilated galleries can also reopen, but only those which have a separate entrance and exit.

The maximum capacity in live venues is increased to 75 pct from the current 50 pct for audiences up to 1,000 people, to 70 pct for up to 5,000 people, and to 65 pct for venues which can handle up to 15,000 people; any venue larger than 15,000 people will be allowed a fixed maximum of 10,000 attendees.

Additionally, hands-on medical classes at universities can resume on Monday June 14, and so can classes in adult learning centers.

Also on Monday, private tuition centers can resume classes, by way of a weekly mandatory self-diagnostic test for students and teachers.

As of Tuesday June 15, amateur dancing schools can reopen too.

As of July 1, the maximum attendees at wedding receptions and catering services are raised from the current 100 to a maximum of 300.

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