Alevri.HQ: 'Next Level' Greek Bakery


The all new Alevri.HQ, adding even more Greek culture to Kingsford.

It’s not every day where you can wake up, go to your favourite local and feel like you’ve just stepped foot in Greece. But at Alevri, you can. It’s like going on a holiday without actually going on a holiday, and we all know how much we miss holidays right now.

Inspired by the highly successful casual Greek bake houses in Athens, Thessaloniki and all over Greece, Alevri offers Sydney siders the same level of hospitality which Greece is famous for, along with the vibes, energy and range of fresh, wholesome and tasty Greek food you would expect when in Greece.


Using only the best ingredients, the selection of food offerings is to die for! All food is made in-house, throughout each day and most importantly, Alevri’s food is all hand crafted - even the phyllo pastry.

With Alevri’s latest store recently launched on Wednesday 26 May 2021, located at the all new Castellorizian Club, Shop 2/127 Houston Road (Corner of Gardners Road) Kingsford, this now takes the total number of Alevri stores to three within just a short span of less than 2 years since their first opening.

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The new location is known as the headquarters, or “Alevri.HQ” while the first store in Dulwich Hill and second in Roselands Shopping Centre are now referred to as “Alevri.X” stores. The “X” stands for Express.

Alevri.X stores, put simply, are just condensed versions of the Alevri.HQ store. Recently on their socials, Alevri announced that they will be re-introducing a version of their famous made to order breakfast/brunch/lunch menu back to Dulwich Hill and for the first time at Roselands. This is due to popular demand.

It’s fair to say that Kingsford’s landscape has now changed for the better with thanks to Alevri. A place to kick back, unwind, take your time or zoom in and out - you set your own pace. Be it the morning coffee ritual after dropping off the kids at school, breakfast catchup with friends, or the lunch break, or after church on Sundays, the locals have embraced the new Alevri.HQ with both arms, and you will often see them walking out of the store with both arms full of Alevri treats!

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The food is placed on display where the customer is able to feast with their eyes first, make a quick selection, order and pay at the counter, kick back and relax for as long or as little as they like, within the beautifully branded, designed and fitted out store.

Alevri offers its customers the finest baked and cooked goods in the market. With many years’ experience in the mixing of pure and natural ingredients, Alevri like an obsessive collector of fine flavours, brings to its customers, who they refer to as their family, a range of Greek favourites:

Koulouria, breads, biscuits, pastries, pies, cakes, whole cakes, celebration cakes, specialty made-to-order cakes, desserts, traditional, authentic as well as modern takes on some all-time Greek favourites like their all original Moussaka Pie, Pastitsio Pie, Pita Cheeseburger, Pita Benedict, Baklava Cheesecake, Baklava French Toast, Ekmek Kataifi, to name just a few. And don’t get us started on their shakes! Melomakarono Thickshake, Baklava Thickshake, ION Chocolate Shakes, you really will be spoilt for choice.


And what about coffees? Every coffee you can think of is on offer at every Alevri store. Even Frappe, Freddo Cappuccino, Freddo Espresso are among just some of the options available to choose from. And do they use Nounou condensed milk straight from Greece? You bet they do!

But nothing is more impressive than their state-of-the-art coffee Tech Bar at Alevri.HQ. An automated marvel that ensures your coffee is just as you like it every single time. Powered by San Pedro coffee roasters, the coffee is perfect!

Alevri do not aim to open a store everywhere but have identified that no other company has yet obtained a substantial market share in the gourmet Greek bakery, zaharoplastio / café space in Australia. Alevri intends to anchor its position within this void and as long as they can keep appeasing their “family” without compromise, they are not discounting opening further stores in the future.

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Find Alevri at:

Alevri.HQ – 2/127 Houston Rd, Kingsford, NSW, 2032

Ph: 0424 455 810

Alevri.X Dulwich Hill – 260 Wardell Rd, Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2203

Ph: 0450 709 700

Alevri.X Roselands – Shop G035, Vicinity Roselands Shopping Centre, Roselands Drive, Roselands, NSW 2196

Ph: 0450700 530

Facebook / Instagram: Alevri.HQ

Facebook / Instagram: Alevri.X

Photography: George Karantonis Founder and Director Image Smart

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