Greece rejects “MKD” as EURO 2020 acronym for North Macedonia

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Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias sent a letter to his North Macedonian counterpart Bujar Osmani reminding him of the full and proper implementation of the Prespes Agreement signed by the two countries, according to diplomatic sources.

The letter by Dendias was sent on the occasion of North Macedonia’s participation of the national football team of North Macedonia in EURO 2020, where the minister clarified that although  the code name of North Macedonia in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) remains “MKD”, the use of this acronym in EURO 2020 can not be accepted by Greece.

Dendias insisted that in the context of international practice, the full implementation of the agreement, as well as the effort to maintain a positive dynamic in bilateral relations, North Macedonia should use an acronym that corresponds to its name “NM” (North Macedonia) or alternatively «RNM» (Republic of North Macedonia).

According to diplomatic sources, Dendias underlined that the name change of the football federation of North Macedonia is pending, and must be changed in order to meet the provisions of the Prespes Agreement.

Finally, the Greek minister called on Osmani to intervene in order to resolve these issues in the context of good neighborly relations.