Husband confesses to murdering his wife Caroline Crouch after police interrogation

Caroline Crouch

The 33-year-old Babis Anagnostopoulos 33,husband of 20-year-old Caroline Crouch, who was murdered on May 11, next to her baby, while he was inside her house in Glyka Nera, has confessed to her murder according to Greek police, following a marathon testimony.

According to police sources, the 33-year-old Greek pilot,  "broke" after testifying for about eight hours, and told the police that he killed the unfortunate girl, on his nerves, after a fight, the fatal night, while he added that he had no accomplice. The 20-year-old's husband also mentioned that he had constant quarrels with Caroline lately, whilst also claiming what he cared about most was their baby.

The Homicide Department of the Attica Security Directorate took over the investigation of the case after more valuable details began to emerge.  According to police sources, these details include the removal of the memory card of the recording machine at the couple's house, which was inconsistent with what the 33-year-old had testified earlier.

Other contradictory testimony that emerged was the claim the husband made about being handcuffed, whilst the investigation showed he was active on his mobile phone at the same time.

He claimed that he struggled but was overcome and tied to a chair while the mystery assailants robbed the home and killed his wife, leaving the couple's infant daughter screaming beside her mother's body.

"When I managed to break free, I rushed upstairs to the attic to find my wife on the floor facing down, and the baby next to her wailing," he told police.

A strangely impassive Anagnostopoulos returned to the property later on the day of the attack and gave a statement to waiting media.

"They will be caught. The police know how to do their job. We asked them not to hurt us.

"What I and my family and my wife's family went through, let no one go through it again," he said, according to Greek news outlet Proto Thema.

Then police reviewed data from her smartwatch, discovering that her heartbeat flatlined before the time he told police the robbers arrived.

"That night we were fighting early. At one point she threw the child in the crib and told me to leave the house," he reportedly told investigators.

"I lost my temper, I suffocated her with the pillow. Τhen I made up the robbery."

When faced with the evidence he confessed,' a police spokesman revealed.

"He claimed he acted in rage at a time of crisis with his wife," Apostolos Skrekas said. "He explained in full detail how he strangled the victim."

The couple's baby daughter was at home at the time of Ms Crouch's death but was not harmed.

"(The suspect) tried to create a crime scene environment that looked convincing: The dog was killed, and his baby was placed next to the body of the murdered mother," Mr Rigas said.

In an Instagram post on 16 May, Anagnostopoulos uploaded a photograph of the couple on a trip to Portugal, writing: "Always together. Farewell, my love."


The 33-year-old perpetrator will be appear before a prosecutor today.
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