Greek FM Nikos Dendias : We used Turkish aggression as a 'weapon' against Turkey itself

Greek Taliban

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias highlighted the promotion of a new concept in Greek foreign policy, with multilevel thematic and geographical diplomatic efforts, at a web event organised by the Council for International Relations (Greece) on the theme "Debate on the Greek High Strategy: Foreign Policy Dimension."

Answering the panel's questions, Dendias outlined the main pillars of an extroverted national plan.

He referred to Greek-Turkish relations, the Balkans, relations with the United States, the promotion of cooperation with allies and partners in the wider region and multilateral cooperation schemes, the law of the sea and the delimitations of the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf, the role of Greece in contributing to EU decisions, the revitalisation of bilateral relations with NATO and EU partners and allies, but also the reform effort to modernise the foreign ministry - among others by upgrading public diplomacy.

Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, Dendias said: "Given the country's capabilities, its geopolitical footprint and its geographical position, I must say that we are quite happy with what has been achieved during the two years of Mitsotakis' governance."

"We believe that, to the extent that it could be dealt with, a major Turkish aggressiveness, a neo-Ottomanism that we had not seen until now, has been dealt with," he noted, adding: "We could and did use Turkish aggressiveness as a 'weapon' against Turkey itself. That is, Turkey itself helped us to forge understandings and alliances."

"We are optimistic that with the same tactics and continuous activity, we will be able to broaden our horizons and finally create what the absolute goal for our country, which is conditions of security and prosperity."

Concluding, the minister underlined that foreign policy is assisted by the growing economy that strengthens the country's openness and influence, diplomatic activity under international law and the international legal order that makes Greece an example for other countries and a bridge to the EU and, of course, national solidarity.