Caroline Crouch was fast asleep when Babis attacked

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Caroline Crouch, 20, the young mother whose husband confessed to her murder at the Glyka Nera suburb of Athens on May 11, was fast asleep seven minutes before entering the 'death process,' according to a coroner's testimony to Police, released on Saturday.

The young woman of British descent, whose 33-year-old husband Babis Anagnostopoulos, a pilot by profession, confessed on Thursday to set up the incident to look like a robbery, died between 04:05 and 04:11 when an abrupt increase in her heart rate was first recorded on the woman's smart wristwatch, according to the coroner's interpretation of the digital data, now forwarded to the investigating magistrate.

A few minutes earlier, at 03:58, the young woman's heart rate describes a fast asleep person, highlighting the coroner in her testimony to Police.

Judging from the data in the smartwatch, she said, "I consider that the heart rate of 48 to 58 bpm, which is recorded between 01:41 and 03:51 on May 11 2021, corresponds to a period of sleep, and I consider the same for the recorded data of 03:58 when her heart rate stood at 61 bpm," she noted.

"At 04:05, her pulse increases abruptly by 50 pct up from a state of sleep. I think at that time the person was in an extreme state of mental or physical stress," she noted.

The coroner said, "the process of death took place from 04:05 to 04:11. The final recording on the smartwatch is at 04:11, and I believe that death occurred immediately after," she underlined, adding that "the death process lasted a few minutes, death was not instantaneous."

The medical examiner stated that when she was at the crime scene and saw the watch worn by the victim, she collected it to protect it and ensure it is transferred to forensic laboratories for evaluation.