Cleaning lady raped and beaten for eight hours in Petralona


A cleaning lady was snatched by a man while she was working in a residential building and was raped and beaten for several hours before she managed to escape.

She was taken to the hospital with concussion and broken ribs.

The 50-year-old woman was cleaning stairs in a residential building in Petralona, district of Athens on Saturday morning. A resident of a ground floor apartment grabbed her and dragged her inside the apartment where he started beating and assaulting her.

Some eight hours later, the woman managed to escape through the balcony from the hell she experienced. Half-naked and in shock, she knocked and alerted neighbors who called the police.

The victim was taken to the hospital where doctors attended to her.

The police was informed and scrambled to the building, however, they could not enter the apartment before a prosecutor’s order was issued by a judge.

Dozens of angry women and men had gathered outside the building once the news of the rape hit social media.

The rapist remains at large.

There are also reports that a second man was present too.

The 35 year old had previous criminal records for similar offense and served a prison sentence between 2015 and 2020 for a case of “sexual abuse.”

The suspect is of Bulgarian nationality, media reported.

According to ANT1 TV, the perpetrator was violent against his own mother and she was begging neighbours to not call police over the rape because “he was just released from prison.”

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