Greece ranks 46th in world on competitiveness

Greece's ranking in the international competitiveness index (World Competitiveness Yearbook) improved by 12 places in the last two years (2019-2020) according to the recent data published by the Institute for Management Development (IMD) of Switzerland.

The annual report ranks Greece in 46th place in 2021, from 49th place in 2020 and 58th place in 2019 (the results presented each year concern the country's performance during the previous year).

On announcement of the news, Greece’s Ministry of Development and Competitiveness took the opportunity to point out the individual indicators where the country had improved its position compared to 2019:

-in "Economic Efficiency", by 8 places, in the 52nd place from the 60th,
-in "Government Efficiency", also by 8 positions, in the 52nd position from the 60th.
-in "Business Efficiency", by 14 positions, in 44th place from 58th
-and in "Infrastructure", by 2 positions, in the 39th from the 41st.

"My first goal when I took over the leadership of the Ministry of Development was to transform Greece into an extremely friendly country for entrepreneurship. For the second consecutive year, Greece rises in the international competitiveness table and thus proves that the effort made by the government is bearing fruit. We still have a long way to go, but we are happy that our effort is taking place ", said Adonis Georgiadis,  Minister of Development and Investment.


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