Greece expected to be added to Britain's travel "green list" on July 19

Corfu Greece tourists magazine

On July 19, Greece, along with other European countries and the United States, is expected to be on the green list for fully vaccinated British tourists.

According to the Daily Mail, ministers are pressuring the country's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to lift the restrictions so that the British can freely vacation without being quarantined if they travel to Greece, Spain, France and USA.

The Mail revealed that Government scientists have approved Spain’s Balearic Islands for green list status. This means quarantine restrictions for travellers there could be lifted even sooner, provided ministers agree the change when they meet tomorrow.

A Cabinet source told the Mail there was clear evidence vaccinations were working.

"It’s all over, even if not everyone in Government has realised it yet," the source said. "The link between cases and deaths is broken. We know that double jabs work to protect people so why delay the resumption of international travel?"

"There is no reason not to go ahead now – every day counts," the source added.

Ministers are expected to sign off the plans to allow the double jabbed to travel to amber list countries without the need for quarantine on return.

Downing Street is targeting August for the change. But ministers including Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are pushing for curbs on international travel to be lifted from July 19.

This would allow families and the battered travel sector to make the most of the summer.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is said to be "sympathetic" to the move because of the effectiveness of COVID-19 jabs and yesterday he confirmed that ministers were "working on" plans for quarantine-free travel.

However the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove are said still to be cautious, especially with travel to Greece.

The World Travel & Tourism Council wrote to Johnson yesterday to say that maintaining restrictions on the travel sector through July would cost the UK £639million a day.

The PC Agency travel consultancy has suggested that 14 countries currently on Britain's amber list could be moved to green. Separately, there are also suggestions that the bottom two countries, France and Greece, could also make it onto the list

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