Greek Intelligence Services arrest Turkish nationals with fake Interpol IDs for trafficking illegal immigrants

Greek police

Greek intelligence services arrested three Turkish nationals with possession of counterfeit Interpol IDs for human trafficking.

The Turkish nationals would operate from the centre of Athens, displaying the fake IDs as they 'shopped around' for illegal immigrants willing to be smuggled into Europe.

The Greek National Intelligence Service (NIS) said the men spoke five languages, had  thousands of euros in cash on them and as the evidence suggested, were part of a very sophisticated people smuggling operation. 

One of the suspects claimed to be a Turkish policeman but the others did not reveal anything to Greek intelligence officvials, refusing to tell how long they have been in Greece and how they found the money.

All men were known to the network of  illegal immigrants in Athens for pretending to be police officers and guaranteeing everything from travel documents to air tickets to anyone who wanted to enter or leave Greece illegally.  

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