US Embassy cancels Independence Day celebrations in Greece

θσα μεβασσυ

The US Embassy in Athens announced today that it will not be holding the annual Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations due to the pandemic.

"Unfortunately, and in accordance with US and Greek government regulations to control the spread of COVID-19, the United States diplomatic mission in Greece will not hold the reception on July 4 this year," said a spokesman for the US embassy.

The spokesperson praised the Greek government and the people of Greece for effectively reducing the pandemic and expressed the embassy's commitment to contribute to supporting this success.

He further added that "as we celebrate 200 years of friendship between the two countries during the bicentennial of Greece this year, it is time to reflect on the enormous progress we have made and underlined: "energy, trade and investment, as well as the excellent ties between the two peoples, based on the common democratic values that form the unshakable foundation of our cooperation."

Finally, he noted that the US diplomatic mission looks forward to celebrating Independence Day in Greece next year, as it has been doing for decades, surrounded by Greek and American friends who all gather together to celebrate "Life, Freedom and pursuit of Happiness."


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