Interview with Aniello Sicignano: The awakening of Greek identity in Magna Grecia-Two Sicilies

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The Greek flag is increasingly waving in the streets and squares of the cities of Southern Italy. On June 12, a protest rally was held in the Central Square (Piazza del Plebiscito) of Naples (Neapolis) with the participation of several separatist movements where, next to the flags of the old Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a huge Greek one appeared.

Aniello Sicignano, Napoletan in origin and co-organiser of this gathering, is a member of the separatist political body “Sud e Civiltà”, an organisation well aware of their Greek identity.

Aniello Sicignano Greek
Aniello Sicignano.

He explains to the revival of Hellenism (Greek identity) in Southern Italy and sends a heartfelt message of brotherhood and unity to Greece, feeling himself as an integral part of the wider Hellenism.

D.Α.: Tell us, Mr. Sicignano, what does it mean for you to be originated from Magna Grecia – Two Sicilies?

Α.S.: Being from Magna Grecia – Two Sicilies, either Italian or Napoletan, is to feel in your DNA that you belong to our super-millennial culture of Magna Grecia and the Kingdom of The Two Sicilies.

D.Α.: Who took part in the June 12 meeting in the Central Square (Piazza del Plebiscito) in Naples and what was the purpose of this event?

Α.S.: In Naples, on June 12, all the activists "BRIGANTI" ("BRIGANDS") who have been following me since 2013 for wanting the redemption of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Various other Neapolitan associations also participated.

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D.Α.: What is your vision for the future of Magna Grecia – Two Sicilies?

Α.S.: My vision for the future of Magna Grecia – Two Sicilies is the freedom of our people and follow our real culture, our real identity, not this false one imposed by the Italian State which continues to lie through its teeth and offend our people of Magna Grecia.

D.Α.: In the South (Meridione – Southern Italy) many symbols are used to represent the territory: the flag of the Two Sicilies, the Kingdom of Sicily, Greece, Magna Grecia with the tripod, the geographical map, the flag with the Neapolitan horse and tripods, etc. What do you think would be the ideal flag to represent the South (Southern Italy)?

Α.S.: The flags of the South are its own history and this one extends from the era of Magna Grecia up to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The flag of the future is the one as seen.

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D.Α.: Are you planning other events soon?

Α.S.: Yes on June 26 at the Diaz roundabout (Naples) there is a very great event that is going to be held and will bring Napoli back to the principles of Magna Grecia: NEAPOLIS RIVIVE (NEAPOLIS IS REBORN).

This event will take place on Saturday. Don't miss it, we'll take you back to the glories of Neapolis. On Saturday, June 26 at 19:00 (20:00 in the Greece time zone) at the Diaz roundabout, the history of Magna Grecia arrives in Neapolis through the re-enactment of the Lampadedromia (Torch Race), an evening race with torches in honour of the Parthenope Siren.

Pre-booking is necessary. For information, check the Facebook page.

Moreover, on June 20 I attend a meeting at Civitella del Tronto, the last bastion of the fallen Kingdom. I remember that the Italian Union started on March 13, 1861 but Civitella del Tronto fell on March 20, 1861. We organised a conference and raised the flag in honour of the real heroes: The King of the Two Sicilies Royal Army soldiers.

D.Α.: In conclusion, what would you say as a greeting or message to our readers in Magna Grecia and Greece?

Α.S.: We are the Italiots of Magna Grecia, Neapolitans of the Two Sicilies. We do not forget Mother Greece and our Greek brothers. We will never forget and we will never break the bond with Greece because we consider it our mother and Greeks as our brothers. This will be always and forever. Long live Magna Grecia, Long live Greece!

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