15 French-Algerians savagely beat the Greek bodyguard of the "King of Instagram" in Mykonos

Dan Bilzerian Mykonos french-algerians

Nikos Aravantinos, personal bodyguard of the "King of Instagram", Dan Bilzerian, was savagely attacked last night by a group of 15 French-Algerian tourists.

The violent incident took place near a well-known cosmopolitan beach in Mykonos, most likely outside, according to sources.

The bodyguard was called by people from the hotel to intervene when a group of 15 French-Algerians, who had consumed large amounts of alcohol, began to deviate and create problems.

Aravantinos tried to calm the tourists, but those in a state of rage began to attack him, throwing whatever they found in front of them.

Dan Bilzerian Mykonos

From alcohol bottles, to glasses and sharp objects.

Some attacked him from behind, hitting him with kicks and punches all over his body. Due to the severity of the blows, the bodyguard fell to the ground covered in blood and fainted.

The people at the hotel alerted the police and the Health Centre.

Two of the 15 French-Algerians were arrested while the others are wanted.

An ambulance transported the bodyguard to the Health Centre.

He is being treated for severe blows to the head and has been deemed necessary to be airlifted to a hospital in Athens.

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