Two Turks arrested for violating Greek maritime space near Kastellorizo


A serious incident took place in Kastellorizo, with two Turks (31 and 25 years old) arrested and held so they can testify to the felony charges put against them.

According to Rodiaki, it was about twenty minutes after midnight on June 22, 2021 when a Greek Coast Guard vessel carrying out a scheduled patrol was informed of a Turkish speedboat in Greek territorial waters.

The speedboat was moving at high speed, without navigation lights on and at a distance of less than one nautical mile from Kastellorizo.

Immediately, using sirens, visual signals and other means, port officials asked the Turks in the speedboat to stop, but they ignored the orders.

A chase ensued and then the captain of the speedboat tried to escape by making dangerous maneuvers.

He moved dangerously and irregularly towards the Coast Guard's vessel.

The port authorities then fired shots at a safe area and the speedboat's engine, thus managing to immobilize the boat.

Two passengers of Turkish origin, aged 31 and 25, were arrested.

The two foreigners, who also did not have documents for a legal stay in Greece, were transferred to Rhodes.

On Wednesday afternoon they were brought before a prosecutor, accompanied by staff of the Central Port Authority of Rhodes.

They were prosecuted for violence against officials and illegally entering Greece.

The two Turks are being held in order to testify to a Rhodes interrogator on Friday.

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