Xronia Polla Paola Foka, who turns 39 today

Xronia Polla Paola Foka, who turns 38 today

Xronia Polla Paola Foka, who turns 38 today

Popular Greek singer Paola Foka was born on the 25th June 1982 and turns 39 today!

Born in Thessaloniki and raised in Sykia Halkidiki, her parents, Alexander and Maria, were also musicians. She has an older brother Pericles.

Paola began singing at 14 years old at the suggestion of a shopkeeper and with the approval of her parents.

At 19, she was singing in the nightclub Weevil in Thessaloniki.

In 2005, the young singer released her first album, 'Athoryva', and then moved to Athens to work with Stamatis Gonidis.

Xronia Polla Paola Foka, who turns 38 today

In 2007, Paola worked with Soti Volanis on a duet titled 'Giagia kai pappous' (Grandma and Grandpa) which enjoyed great success. The following year she released her second album 'Perasame me kokkino'.

Four years later in 2012, she released the album 'Gine mazi mou ena' which went gold with tracks including Ftes, Ti Se Pianei, Pseftika, Stohos and Den Ekanes Tipota.

On the 24th April 2013, she released the live album 'Meta ta mesanihta' which went platinum within three days.

Later that year in December, she released the album 'H Moni Alitheia' containing the successful songs: Tha se sviso, Miden and Argises Poly.

Her song 'Krata Me' was the 10th biggest radio hit of 2013.

Xronia Polla Paola Foka, who turns 38 today

On November 17, 2014, she released the song Eho mia zoi, foreshadowing the next disc 'Krivo alitia', released in early 2015.


  • Athoryva (Silent), 2005
  • Perasame me kokkino (We Went with Red), 2008
  • Gine mazi mou ena (Be One with Me), 2012
  • Meta ta mesanihta (live)
  • H moni alitheia
  • Krivo alitia

*Images by Nick Bourdaniotis/Bourdo Photography (Copyright)