"The Mediterranean diet is the BEST diet to cure PCOS, achieve weight loss AND keep it off"- Dr Terry Simpson MD, weight loss surgeon

terry simpson diet

Imagine getting famous via TikTok, but you're not an Instagram model, you're a world-renowned weight-loss surgeon. This is what happened to Dr Terry Simpson, he has gone viral on TikTok with a plethora of 'hard truth' videos regarding nutrition and weight loss. Dr Simpson boasts 327,000 TikTok followers alone, with many more on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

What separates Dr Simpson from other weight loss 'experts', is that he is an expert in Culinary Medicine (a new discipline in the medical field) and is a big believer in the Mediterranean Diet as a FIRST step to try and address the symptoms of being overweight, being obese and PCOS. His motto is, "you gotta be able to cook, otherwise losing weight will be near impossible".

terry simpson diet

His Mediterranean diet consists of lots of home-cooked meals, using colourful fruits and vegetables and legumes. The way our Yiayia's used to cook. The 'Modern Mediterranean' diet is NOT the same Mediterranean Diet that our ancestors ate. The ancient Mediterranean Diet is primarily based around Vegetables, Fruit, Legumes, Goats and Sheep's Milk, Red Wine and seeds/nuts.

Some examples of foods you must eat, according to Dr Simpson:

  1. Berries- Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries
  2. Chia seeds
  3. Oats
  4. Wholegrains
  5. Colourful vegetables (red and yellow capsicums)
  6. Fermented dairy
  7. Clean protein (wild salmon, high-quality grass-fed meat, free-range poultry)
  8. Nut milks (Almond milk, oat milk)

He has published several articles about weight loss topics, as well as three weight loss books titled “Losing the Last 30 pounds: Fundamentals of Weight Loss”, “Getting to Goal and Staying There: Lessons Learned from Successful Patients” and “Weight Loss Surgery: A Lighter Look at a Heavy Subject.

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Dr Terry Simpson is a board-certified general surgeon, who in addition to being renowned for weight loss procedures, is highly experienced in performing an array of general surgeries. Using the latest in laparoscopic technology, Dr Simpson provides general surgeries from hiatal hernia repair to gallbladder removal for patients throughout Ventura County, including Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

As a pioneer in the field of bariatric surgery, Dr Simpson began performing laparoscopic bariatric surgery in 1994. Dr Simpson ran a surgical residency program, teaching medical students to become surgeons. He also ran a Minimally Invasive Surgery program, teaching advanced surgical techniques to other surgeons.

Dr Simpson is also a pioneer in patient education, with several websites dedicated to providing information online for patients. He is one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the use of social media to broadcast timely, relevant, healthcare news. Dr Simpson is involved in research and clinical trials to further advance the field of bariatric surgery. He is currently involved in the examination of the Linx as a device for anti-reflux in Sleeve patients, as well as the use of the Mediterranean Diet for long term weight loss.

Watch the full interview here:

Questions answered in this video:

  1. Who is eligible for weight loss surgery?
  2. Why diets don't work
  3. FAD diets and the Carnivore Diet
  4. Why you need a sustainable eating plan (for life)
  5. Where did the Mediterranean diet Originate from?
  6. Why you should drink red wine EVERY DAY
  7. How much wine should you drink on the Mediterranean diet?
  8. The dangers of listening to 'Life Coaches' on Instagram?
  9. What you eat on a real 'Mediterranean diet day-to-day
  10. Should we restrict our calories?
  11. 1,500 Calories A Day should keep you satisfied (for life)
  12. How America's Obesity Epidemic has led to the high Covid-19 infection rates and deaths across the country

terry simpson diet

terry simpson diet

This interview is PART 1 of our 'Virtual Chats' series on YouTube and part 2 will be out next weekend, where Dr Simpson will take us through topics like gut diseases and the Mediterranean Diet, the history of how 'diets' started, how the 'body image conscious' generation is harming our teenager's mental wellbeing and the dangers of taking 'health coaches' and 'life coaches' advice off social media (amongst much more).

Stay tuned and happy learning!

This article is not intended to provide specialty medical advice, and the points in this article may not apply to everyone.

Always seek professional medical advice when in doubt.

Despina Karpathiou is a certified beautician, accredited makeup artist and Lifestyle Writer based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying Journalism and Nutrition at University and is passionate about makeovers and healing skin (and health) conditions from the inside out. Follow her here for all things skin, health and beauty.

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