Police urge against revenge attacks on French-Algerians that brutally beat a bodyguard in Mykonos


The group of 15 French-Algerians, several of them working in an Italian restaurant on the island, brutally beat a Greek bodyguard and left him covered in blood - Police have so far made at least three arrests.

Police fear retaliation for the cowardly attack against Nikos Aravantinos , the bodyguard of "Instagram King" Dan Bilzerian.

From the very first moment that the bodyguard was transported by ambulance to the Health Centre with multiple injuries, mainly to the head, the police tried to calm down the situation, asking his colleagues not to get involved in the case.

Police made it clear that it is a matter of time to "gather" the 15 French-Algerians.

At least two to three people have already been brought to the Mykonos Police Station.

According to information Proto Thema, the owner of the restaurant also appeared at the police station to testify and give information about the identity of the perpetrators in order to determine whether the people who beat him were working in his restaurant.

The story began when the bodyguard was called to intervene at the time when the 15 French-Algerians made a fuss outside a hotel, next to the beach bar Tropicana.

They had consumed large amounts of alcohol and were harassing hotel guests.

Aravantinos tried to calm the situation. However, the situation escalated when they started attacking him with whatever they could find in front of them, even with stones.

The stoning did not stop even when the bodyguard fell unconscious and covered in blood.

Hotel employees who heard the commotion immediately alerted the police and ambulance services, while the French-Algerians left the scene to avoid arrest.

He was taken to the Health Centre and yesterday he was transported by helicopter to a private hospital in Athens.

Who is Nikos Aravantinos

Known in security, Aravantinos - or Nick the Arab as he is known - has a rich clientele base, while he has also dealt with the local government claiming the position of municipal councilor in Glyfada.

In the summer of 2019 he was involved in another bloody incident inside a bar on the island, in order to save a Russian client.

According to what he previously told Proto Thema, at that moment the first thing that went through his mind was how he would manage to pull the Russian businessman from a fight, receiving the blows instead of his client.

"In those moments you work with instinct and use what you have learned in education. The worst option I had was to get involved in the quarrel," he said.

"That would put my client, who was under attack by five or more people at the same time, in immediate danger. So I had to be able to free him from the mob and carry him out safely," the bodyguard explained.

Aravantinos has a rich clientele base, including the eccentric Dan Bilzerian, Adriana Lima and the Indian Gautam Singhania, president of the Raymond group with a fortune of $300 million.

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