PM Mitsotakis: "Greece is ready for a new leap in development"


Speaking at an the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) on Tuesday, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that conditions are good to allow a leap forward and move towards growth that will reduce inequalities.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and SEV's Chairman of the Board Dimitri Papalexoloupos also participated in this discussion with the Mitsotakis, the first remotely from New York City and the latter at the event's location, the "Hellenic Cosmos" cultural centre.

Greece "is rather well-prepared for a new leap in development," Mitsotakis observed.

Elaborating, he said that "now is the time for investors to invest in Greece, and I say this in absolute certainty, that the Greek economy's prospects are looking extremely positive."

Mitsotakis expressed his firm belief that conditions are perfectly suitable for the country to progress forward, and not only leave behind "a very painful decade," but also "completely change the way it is placed on the international economic map."

"Now is the time... and I have no doubt that you too will meet the challenge of the times," Mitsotakis told his fellow participants.

Bourla: Vaccination program in Greece better than in the US

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla urged Greek business people to take more initiatives, speaking at the discussion.

"We have a golden opportunity ahead of us and we need to make the best use of it," he noted.

Referring to the vaccination experience of family members in both the US and in Thessaloniki, Bourla said that the way the vaccination program was carried out in Greece was "much better than in the US."

He noted that his positive comment does not only refer to how the vaccination campaign was organised, but more to the fact that it was based on a solid digital infrastructure right from the start.

Papalexopoulos presents SEV's six key pylons for growth

With Greece "not out of the woods quite yet" and while the pandemic still looms large, there is rising optimism that Greece can see strong rates of economic and social progress over the next few years, said Papalexopoulos.

"We, in the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, believe in this prospect and we consider this to be our main mission to serve," he stressed.

He underlined that the business community has a lot to offer, and that it is part of the solution, adding: "we all stand to gain when society, state and enterprises work together".

Papalexopoulos said SEV has selected six pylons on growth, for a business sector moving in line with society and the state, based on common goals.

These are innovation, skills for all, digital transformation, green development, an upgrading of industry and rapprochement between enterprises and society.

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