European 'Covid Passport' comes into effect today

covid passport

The European Commission announced  the "European Digital Certificate Covid-19" comes into force as of today 1 July, and will facilitate safe cross-border movement of citizens within Europe.

Sometimes referred to the “Covid Passport” the digital certificate is already in use in several countries in the EU.  From today and for the next 12 months, the certificate will be necessary for the movement of citizens in all EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and in the coming days it will be necessary in Switzerland as well.

The "European Digital Certificate Covid-19", collects various information of the holder (name, date of birth) and information about their  health status against Covid: Either vaccination (with information about the type of vaccine and the date of the last dose), or negative molecular weight test (date and type of test), or antibodies after the disease (duration of immunity). It is available in printed or digital format in English and in the language of the issuing EU State and will include a QR Code that can be checked by airlines, shipping or train companies.

The European Covid-19 Digital Certificate is a temporary tool. It will be suspended when the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the end of the international health emergency by COVID-19.


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