Happy 58th Birthday to the Original Wog Boy Nick Giannopoulos

Nick Giannopoulos Wog Boy 3

Happy Birthday to Nick from all his fans all around the world.


Read more about his new comedy installment. WOG BOY 3

The original Wog Boy, Nick Giannopoulos, is back with a third instalment of the Australian hit film that put Greek Australian comedy on the map.

The wog boy has been shooting Wog Boy 3, with an all-star cast in the suburbs around Melbourne.

Wog Boy 3 is part three in the Wog Boy trilogy and follows the life of the main character Steve, 20 years after the comedy first premiered in cinemas.

Nick spoke to the the Herald Sun exclusively

"It's amazing how many people have said to me: "Wog Boy changed my life"," Giannopoulos said.

"This is for the fans more than anything, they keep asking for another one.

"It's the most often asked question I get when I'm out and about.

"It's important for everyone in our society to be recognised and all I'm doing is telling our stories and it's the right time...People just want to laugh again."

The script was a passion project for Giannopoulos who dedicated his free time to writing it during the Covid shutdown in Mebourne last year.

He was more determined than ever to bring the project to life after his beloved father Leonidas passed away in January after a short illness.

Nick Giannopoulos announces his dad has passed away aged 88 Wog Boy 3

Starring alongside Giannopoulos is original cast member Vince Colosimo who again takes the role as Steve's pal Frank, as well as Home And Away's Sarah Roberts, Havana Brown, the former LA based DJ who makes her film debut with this movie, and comedians Sooshi Mango.

The cast and crew of Wog Boy 3 have been filming in areas such as Fitzroy, Brighton and Wheelers Hill under Covid safe guidelines with the help of Federal Government funding. The movie will be completed by the end of next week.

"In the first Wog Boy film it was clearly spelled out that Steve decided to call himself a Wog Boy because he'd been called that his whole life - so that theme continues," Giannopoulos said.

"We pick up 20 years later and find Steve at a very different stage of his life and reminiscing about his journey.

"We have a whole array of cultural backgrounds — we've got Indian actors, Italian, Greek and I hope that the film reflects the Australians we are now. It's got an essential message to tell, what sort of country and society we want to be now."