Greece grants free entry to student tour guides

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Greece has announced a new initiative that grants tour guide students free entry to all the cultural sites relevant to their studies, thus removing the associated cost barriers in their education.

A joint ministerial directive by the Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Skylakakis and the Minister of Culture Mrs. Mendoni now grants free entrance to students of the Tourist Schools of the Ministry of Tourism.

"The long standing and self-evident request of tour guide students for free entrance to the natural spaces of the object of their studies, the museums and the archeological sites has finally become a reality. I warmly thank the two ministers, Mrs. Mendoni and Mr. Skylakakis, who responded immediately when we raised this issue with them and cooperated with us at all stages until it was resolved. We will continue to make every effort to substantially improve the studies and the operating conditions of our schools." said Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sofia Zacharaki.

The new initiative removes costs barriers to students and allows them to freely visit organised archeological sites, historical sites, monuments and museums which belong to the State and are managed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Ministry of Tourism operates Guide Schools in Athens and Thessaloniki, while from this year, schools in Corfu, Crete and Rhodes were established and are currently operational. After two years of study, upon graduation students are registered every September and then selected for work in order of priority based on qualifications.


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