Greek parents and teachers fail to end obligatory self-tests for schools


Greece's highest administrative court has ruled against the end of obligatory self-tests for schools following an application by a group of parents and teachers in primary and secondary education.

On Thursday the group of 50 parents and teachers who first filed their injunction on June 22, lost their legal challenge after a ruling by the Council of State.

The group asked for the revocation of a May 18 ministerial decision obliging students and teachers to present (negative) Covid-19 self-tests every week in order to attend school. The tests are distributed free of charge in pharmacies.

In its decision, the Council of State said its ruling was based on reasons of public interest. The measure, it said, "serves compelling reasons of public interest, consisting of protecting public health during the (recent) restart of schools under pandemic conditions."

The formal publication of the verdict is pending.


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